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 Vote Ascension for metalfest UK :P

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Metal Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Vote Ascension for metalfest UK :P   Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:00 am

Sorcerer's Spell also had an unfair advantage. PowerMetalLivesOn told me that he saw an Enisferum bulletin about Sorcerer's Spell, so they had an unfair advantage aswell (Which is why they had such a significant boost in votes at the last leg of the voting) Dreamcatcher, also, had this forum to support them aswell. (Not that we didn't support Ascension as well. But Dreamcatcher joined a little bit earlier. Lol) In the end, these 3 bands' votes alone (Dreamcatcher, Ascension, Sorcerer's Spell) Added up to over 1,000 votes!

So, in a nutshell, everyone had a couple tricks up their sleeve to help them win. I mean, c'mon people! It's called voting!
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Doc Ascension

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PostSubject: Re: Vote Ascension for metalfest UK :P   Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:34 am

I would like to quote a recent blog post made by PlayMaster magazine, sparked by Sorcerer's Spell sending them a childish email:

Clarification to all those concerned about our sponsorships

Ive had a couple of very rude, and frankly, Child-like emails from certain unnamed people about our sponsorship of Ascension ( Which has been runing since february )

Let me clear up a few things...

1. WE contacted Ascension, we came up with the promotional idea, we contstructed and orchestrated the entire campaign, and WE are the ones offering
the Xbox 360. Ascension merely accepted our offer to Assist them with their competition, as PART of our sponsorship with them. we are also doing other things to promote ascension, not JUST their recent metelfest competition.

2, The reason WE CHOSE Ascension, is because after checking out literally hundreds of bands, ( Not just metalfest entrants, but including all of them ) we
concluded Ascension were the most talented, most inspiriational, and most commited to Music, and therefore, the most likely band to be interested in working together promotionally. had i offered this to any of the other bands involved with MFUK, im almost certain they wouldnt have turned down the chance to be helped.

3. This is not recent, we have been sponsoring Ascension since mid february i think! and we've both been working hard to promote each other, i believe all we asked from Ascension was to include a short note at the end of their messages mentioning our magazine, and what we were offering voters, i see no problem with this.

4. Playmaster UK is a genuine organisation, although it is only run by 1 person ( myself ), ive put a lot of money and time into creating this, and its only JUST starting, hence why its not popular, it isnt widely known, and it isnt available to buy just yet! my goal right now is to basically promote the "organisation" itself to the world through myspace, then when issue 1 is finally produced and ready to sell (online at first only) i have a massive bunch of myspace friends who could be interested in it!

If anyone has any more questions, get in touch, im happy to answer your questions if you are polite, and not treat me like an idiot.

Thanks for everyones continuing support Smile

- Bruce O'reilly"
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PostSubject: Re: Vote Ascension for metalfest UK :P   Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:41 am

It wasnt sorcerers spell that sent Playmaster a childish email, bruce told me it wasnt them, but he's not saying who it was...

Nevertheless, i hope bruce's blog post clears everything up.

This is such a MESS, I really wish people wouldnt interfere just coz they/they're friends band lost a competiton. you win some, you lose some, this goes for us to! we've lost our fare share of things, but we've also won our fair share of things, we've had breakthrough opporrtunitys, and we've missed breakthrough opportunitys.

Its all part of band development.
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PostSubject: Re: Vote Ascension for metalfest UK :P   

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Vote Ascension for metalfest UK :P
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